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Clash Royale: 6 Clash Royale tips from professionals

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Clash Royale is more than playing cards and watching what’s going on. With these five professional tips you will win more often and rise faster.

1. Never make the first move

Sounds funny, but is so. Clash Royale favors the responding player as opposed to the acting player. For most of the opening trains the opponent has a counter-attack for less elixir and if it is only with the help of its own tower.

A good opening when you reach 10 elixirs is the splitting of bulwarks on your own kingstorm. To play two archer or four skeletons in the middle behind your own Kingstorm will allow you to collect more elixirs and use them in a next push or defense. Click here to access to clash royale gems generator tool :

You should not tie too much elixir to the start in one of the ways. You run the risk of not being able to counter-attack on the other way.

2. Card level is king in deck construction

In addition to good elixir management, the use of correct counter-cards and a good attack combination, card leveling is the most important factor that determines victory and defeat.

A deck should at least initially consist mainly of ordinary cards, since one can improve them much faster. The number of rare cards should be limited to a few and while epic cards are good, they are very difficult to improve. Legendary cards should almost always be used regardless of the card level as they offer unique advantages.

Exercise makes perfect

Success with a deck depends not only on card level, composition, counter attack combinations, but above all on how well you know your deck and how well you can play it.

In any situation a real attack or a functioning attack can be played, comes with a lot of game time and a good understanding of what the deck and the cards in detail can.

In order to get better and to win more, it makes sense to stick to a deck and only slowly make individual changes when you have learned the strengths and weaknesses of your own deck.

4. Card placement

Enough theory, we come to practice. Both on the offensive and on the defensive, you should play your cards deliberately in the right position.

On the defensive, a well placed building in the middle of one’s own half can totally neutralize a dangerous pig. Of course, this also works against units that do not have a building focus. Thus a centrally placed defensive knight can draw a complete opposing push.

To plan a larger offensive, you can place troops at your own kingstorm. Until they reach the middle or even the opposing half, you have a lot of elixir regenerated and can attack with more than 10 elixirs in units and spells.

In the offensive, you should also avoid that vulnerable units are the focus of the enemy towers. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the more resistant units reach the foe’s focus first.

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5. Join a clan

Even though we are not at Clash of Clans, there are Clash Royale clans. These bring a number of advantages and make playing not only more sociable, but also accelerate progress.

In a clan you can quickly upgrade your deck by requesting cards and work more specifically to upgrade a special card.

In return, by donating cards, you can collect gold to upgrade cards and experience points to increase player level.

Last but not least there is the so-called Clankampftruhe, which you can get together with your Clankollegen at the weekend. Each participant receives a reward at the start of the new week.

6. Every day, the pig’s pet

In the order in which cards are played, they also return to the hand of the player. This means that if your opponent plays a pig, he will have another pig in his hand after four cards.

If you are accustomed to keeping an eye on the opponent’s card rotation, you will know when the opponent can not counter a certain card, or what will attack him.

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